Here at ThinkOrgano, we are honoring Black History. We have traveled both here and abroad and I have come back with some new ideas. It appears that our civil rights fight will have to remain! With the new administration, we will have more time to reflect. I’ve been working on a series of discussions over coffee. It may be a good time for me to get started.


Civil Rights icon,U.S. Rep. #JohnLewis has passed away at 80! [Details] — The Gamutt || WebMag

Yes We Did!


Sad news to report. Rep. John R. Lewis, the civil rights icon whose fight for racial justice began in the Jim Crow south and ended in the halls of Congress, died Friday night.

via Civil Rights icon,U.S. Rep. #JohnLewis has passed away at 80! [Details] — The Gamutt || WebMag

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Come down to 18th & Vine. Enjoy the History of Jazz not just during Black History Month.


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All That Jazz: Essential Jazz Recordings:- Take The “A” Train- Duke Ellington Orchestra.

Written by Billy Strayhorn this became a signature song for Duke Ellington and his orchestra. Strayhorn had written the song after being offered a job with Ellington- they would have a great musical partnership until Strayhorn’s death in 1967.  Written in 1939- Strayhorn had left his native Pittsburgh for New York City to meet with Ellington. Ellington had given him directions on how to find his house by subway– the directions began with “Take The A- Train.”

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RDP Tuesday: intent.

It is amazing. My intent isn’t to treat using a falsehood. Having a Christian doesn’t seem yo solve ways of the world. If the real me gets out, I’ll be more than loved. Sharing myself is no longer east or different. Not like magic.

Hello and happy Tuesday! My prompt today is intent.

What story or poem or photograph brings us your  intent? Link to today’s post and then look at other people’s interpretation. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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